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Life in Ukraine

Life in Ukraine – Deciding on your study abroad destination is a quite serious step. You have to connect with another culture, adapt to new conditions and climate, start learning Ukrainian and get to know the resident’s character traits. Though Ukrainian sometimes might seem gloomy and chilly, a majority are quite responsive and affable; they like to socialize and have visitors and are ready to give a helping hand. So, do not shrink from difficulties! Prepare all documents required for entry into Ukraine and your legal stay and training there.

Life in Ukraine as an international student

Ukrainian language

How to learn Ukrainian in one year? Almost all international students are successful in it.
If you Planing to study in Ukraine but do not know the language, it is not a problem since many universities offer programs in English
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Arriving in Ukraine

How to apply for a student visa and find a legal job.
For international students, Ukrainian universities offer programs ranging from 1 to 6 years, so it is very important to prepare all documents that allow you to officially reside in Ukraine.
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Discover Ukraine

Culture, sports, sights – how to see everything and not miss something important.
Ukraine not only offers guaranteed high-quality education, but also a centuries-old history intertwined with a rich culture. Therefore, studying in Ukraine offers a fantastic opportunity to study your new major while also being introduced to Ukraine’s cultural heritage
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Living Conditions

How students live in Ukraine, what prices are there, and other useful information.
Of course, it is difficult to foresee everything you will need in Ukraine during your studies since certain things can only be learned through experience.
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Study in Ukraine


Life in Ukraine as an international student

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