Most Ukrainian  cities have well-developed networks of public transport. Depending on a city, they include buses, trams, trolley buses, trains and underground trains. It is usually a good idea to buy a long term ticket, as it’s hard to avoid public transport. Even if you manage to find accommodation close to the university, its separate faculties or facilities may not be within walking distance. 

Do you also happen to dream of lying on a sandy beach with your legs stretched out, sun shining on your face and your mind set on nothing but leisure? If the answer is “yes”, you should definitely visit the Ukrainian  seaside! Ukraine has a nearly 2,700 km long coastline and almost all of it is a beautiful beach with a clean, golden sand and breathtaking dunes rising above it.

The Baltic Sea is far less salty than the Mediterranean Sea, there are no pebbles to hurt your feet and the shore is very rarely steep. So, in the summer, when the water is warm enough to bathe, the conditions are ideal for doing all kinds of water sports: swimming, kite- and windsurfing, riding a banana boat or floating on an air mattress. You can also often see people flying kites, jogging and playing beach sports such as: beach volleyball, soft soccer, Frisbee and beach racket ball.

Besides the attractions that you can find on the beach you will also be amazed by the relaxed atmosphere of Polish seaside resorts, which offer everything you need in terms of accommodation, food and entertainment. Young tourists cannot miss the opportunity to party in one of the renowned clubs in Sopot, Międzyzdroje and Kołobrzeg, where best DJs entertain international audiences till the early morning.

When visiting the Polish seaside it is also crucial to see the amazing shifting dunes (wydmy) located near Łeba. The 44-meter tall dunes are a part of the Slovinski National Park, which was included in the UNESCO list of World Biosphere Reserves in 1976. And as you walk along the Polish coast look out for pieces of a brilliant golden gemstone: the Baltic amber (bursztyn). It is the biggest treasure of the Polish seaside, coveted by many as jewellery both for its beauty and alleged mysterious qualities.

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