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About Us

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Our Mission

Student UA affords students with exemplary educational services to secure your place in the best Medical Universities of Ukraine. Our assistance and counseling to existing and prospective students throughout all stages of the application process will meet and exceed your expectations from the moment you walk into our offices. One of our main goals is to be a leader in all areas we operate, further consolidating this position at the top over the years.

We seek to create new standards in education by further reaffirming and making partnerships with Medical universities and various educational institutions in several European countries. Furthermore, we constantly inform our students about numerous educational opportunities for prospective study abroad, with the added benefit that these will be the most favorable and economical for the student, always focusing on tailored solutions stemming from an in-depth assessment of how to augment their qualifications.


Student UA has the vision of turning your dream into reality and for that, we aim at reaching out to the aspiring students and provide them with the necessary guidance and support to fulfill their dreams. and To create awareness about the education opportunities available in technical Specialties
and MBBS to Study in Ukraine 


To always maintain transparency by providing accurate information to the students and work consistently & honestly to overcome the challenges and never giving upon them, Providing Timely and effective communication whenever and wherever required and needed

Student UA Team

We have been providing professional Education consultancy service to the private and corporate client since 2017

Raja Juned


Asif Shaikh

Managing Partner 

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